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Genesis Collection

1000 rare items with unique Benefits! Randomly generated from a selection of our rarest traits. The Genesis collection offers:

   ~Extra $BONE tokens
   ~Early access to our P2E card game
   ~Free packs
   ~Exlusive in game items


Each and every deceased  is the remains of a paperhanded cryptoinvestor that got burned in the last market correction. Some of them still hold unique accessories which they bought with their short time riches. More to this in our lore

Our Team has been in the crypto space for years and we believe that crypto is going to impact our everyday lives within the next years. The Deceased are here for the long run. Our roadmap incorporates individual aspects enabling long term uses. We will constantly be releasing new content as well as a new roadmap once the first one has successfully been accomplished. 

The Deceased-NFT collection is project conceptualized by three artists, developers, and crypto-enthusiasts. There are 1000 skulls in our Genesis collection and 6666 skulls in our main collection, each and every skull is unique being randomly generated from a pool of 110 attributes across 11 different categories. 

10% of minting proceeds will be donated to one of three charities chosen by the community. 

The Long Term Vision

The main focus of the Deceased Team is developing the P2E card game. Stylistically speaking the game is a fusion of Magic the Gathering online & Hearthstone. Each player has a hero with a certain amount of health. Once the hero’s health bar is fully depleted the opposing player wins.

The first hero to be introduced into the game will be the Deceased. The Hero cards will function as access keys to the game. As time progresses other heroes will be introduced in two forms:

    ~Secondary collections released by our team
    ~external NFT projects which have been incorporated

This means we will be looking to give other projects the opportunity to access our game with their NFT sets. This has two key aspects; we will be adding more players into the pool which will ensure smoother matchmaking and shorter waiting times as well as adding new eyes to the project. This will also enable other projects to add utility to their NFTs.

We will also be adding NFT sets as characters in the game. There will be packs in which spells, characters, traps etc. will be available. Some of the characters will be created by our artists and some will be NFTs from other projects. These NFTs will be immortalized in our game but will not gain access to play. 

For more information keep your eyes open for our whitepaper which will be released soon. 



After all of the Deceased have been minted every 7 days one of The Thirteen will randomly be dropped to a Deceased hodler. More Information about The Thirteen will be released in our lore.


Liquidity Pool will be introduced to ensure that the Deceased always will hold a stable floor


Merch drop. T-Shirts, Hoodies, Posters, Stickers and more! Available worldwide!


Every Deceased hodler will be rewarded with an exclusive NFT available on our website for
0.00ETH + Gas


Release of the first episode of our animated short series based on The Deceased lore.


Shared royalties with hodlers and 10% of mint donated to a charity based on community polls.


Trading card game, where rarity plays a significant role. Available on Android and IOS


Meet the Team

We are a multinational team of 5 based in Vienna. Our two artists have been in the VFX Business for years ranging from 3d Renderings and animation to video editing and audio engineering, their collaboration brings a fresh new wind to the NFT-Space. As our roadmap progresses we will be looking to add new members to our team. 

Max Themmer
Founder VFX

Andija Lazic
Founder VFX

Joshua Procter
Founder Dev/Web Development

Nicolas Themmer
Head of Game Development

Philip Kalinko
‘Philip K’
 Marketing/Community Manager


Each and every deceased skull is the remains of a paperhanded cryptoinvestor that got burned in the last market correction. Read more about our Lore here.

We believe in the long term aspect of the cryptospace and with Deceased we want to build something that is here to last. With the help of the community we want to create our brand.

They will be available to mint at launch on our Website and shortly after the secondary sales will be available on OpenSea

We want to give everyone a fair chance of getting one of the Deceased so mints will be limited to 7 per transaction. 

Presale will begin on the 29th of November, check out our Discord for Whitelist info

   You will be able to mint them for 0.08 ETH. We will also give out whitelist spots pre-launch for 0.0666 ETH on our Discord. Join to stay up to date!

The Deceased are here for the long run. To ensure this we have a unique road map which focusses on supplying liquidity, new content and integrating the community as much as possible.

Every Deceased hodler will have the same chances of getting new Items such as drops or The Thirteen. However, the mobile game will be play to earn for Deceased hodlers and rarity will better your chances of gaining powerful in-game stats.

There will be 6666 skulls available for minting. The Last Thirteen will be the elite squad which will be given out to Deceased hodlers. The airdrops will start after every skull has been minted and each week we will drop one of the elite to one lucky supporter.

Presale will begin on the 29th of November, check out our Discord for Whitelist info

Deceased Merch coming soon...

Brand new Deceased merch will be dropping soon! Hoodies, T-shirts, stickers and more, make sure to follow uns on twitter, discord to keep updated. A first look at some prototypes!